Thanksgiving has come and gone. The crowd went home, but far too many of the leftovers stayed. If you just can’t face another turkey sandwich, try leftovers sushi.

Things You’ll Need

Sushezi sushi roller
Assorted leftovers, including rice
Nori or soy paper

Julienne the leftovers. We used turkey, carrots, and green beans but any combination you like will work.

Lightly oil both sides of the Sushezi. Line both sides of the Sushezi with about 1/2 cup rice or a rice/mashed potato mixture. Make sure the rice does not cover the threads at the end of the Sushezi.

Press the plunger rod into the center of each side, creating grooves. Place your leftovers in the groove at the center of each side of the Sushezi.

Return the plunger to the threaded end and close the device. Gently clip the latches closed, and then twist the cap in place, making sure it’s locked. Turn the plunger rod about five turns, compressing the rice.

Place a sheet of nori in position. Remove the end cap, and then press the plunger to push the roll onto the nori.

Roll the nori, dampening the end of the sheet to seal it in place.

Let the roll rest for about 15 minutes before slicing.

Dip in cranberries or gravy or whatever your heart desires!