Mixing prints in your outfits may seem like a crazy idea, but you can pair patterns to create standout outfits with bold appeal. Avoid a mismatch by choosing prints with a common denominator to mix and match.
Mix Black & White or Mix Similar Prints

A good rule of thumb is that you can usually mix two different black and white prints. Try pairing a black and white top or jacket and bottom (such as a skirt or trouser pant), one with a thin stripe and one with a thicker stripe. By sticking to a black and white color scheme, you can play around with combining bolder prints such as large or abstract floral print, geometric pattern, polka dots, and plaid with a simpler print such as stripes or small polka dots. Break up two prints by wearing a black or white garment. You can also mix similar prints of the same size pattern with slightly different colors, such as a horizontal stripe with a vertical stripe, or a polka dot top and bottom.

Mix Bold with Subtle Prints

If you want to wear a variety of prints instead of just stripes or polka dots or just black and white, you can pair a bold print with a subtle print. A fail-proof way to style a bold print is to mix it with a simple and symmetrical pattern such as thin stripes or tiny polka dots. Stripes usually always pair well with other prints. For an exaggerated or busier print like a floral printed skirt, pick a color from the print and use it as a guide for the print you pair with it. You can also wear a bold printed top with a subtle printed pant. If you want to wear a less subtle print with the elaborate print, wear a neutral, washed-out or monochromatic print. For example, another blue, grey or black-detailed floral printed top could be mixed with this floral skirt. Also try a simple striped or polka dot dress with a bold and colorful printed scarf such as a floral, ikat, paisley or watercolor print.

Mix Big and Small Prints

Style big and small prints together to create contrast without having to wear a lavish print. For this look, the focus was more on the geometric, art deco-inspired printed skirt. An all-over speckled tank that mimics the circular pattern of the skirt in the same color palette works to complement the intricately patterned skirt. Mix a tiny polka dot print with an extremely large polka dot print, plaid with a grid print, a small flower print with a large floral print, or an intricate animal print with a bold stripe print.