Whether you’re the type of Halloween enthusiast who has pumpkins on the doorstep by October 1, or you’d rather wait until the day before trick-or-treaters arrive to place spiderwebs on your bushes, it takes effort to decorate for the occasion. But since this year’s creepiest holiday falls on a Monday, early birds and procrastinators can finally come together — after all, it is possible to prep for Halloween in one weekend. While this may seem like an undertaking fit for a spell-making witch and a helpful gang of ghouls, we have everything you need to make your home and your appearance Halloween-ready in a flash. From a table centerpiece and a welcome banner to creepy mason jars and eye-catching makeup, these ideas make last-minute decisions look effortless.

Create Candy-Holders That Double as Decor

Instead of reaching into your candy bowl and giving out a handful of sweets to a special bunch of trick-or-treaters, you could make cute bags that look like witch’s brooms. Keep them on your entryway table as decor, and then give them to a select few on Halloween night.

Make a Costume With What You Already Have

Now, perhaps you just know that you won’t start thinking about your costume until the absolute last minute. Don’t worry. For a quick and classic look, why not use the makeup you already have to turn yourself into a cute cat? All you need is a steady hand and the slightest bit of creativity to get in on the Halloween spirit. And if you have time, make cat ears, too.

A Spooky, Yet Classy, Centerpiece

Halloween decorations usually fall into two categories: scary or cutesy. But this either-or selection leaves out another option: spooky that still feels classy. Here’s a hanging branch centerpiece that perfectly epitomizes this idea with its minimalist style and mid-air suspense.

Creepy Decor That Has a Custom Touch

If you prefer the creepy side of the spectrum, then amplify your decor’s scare-factor by making some customized decorations. Place Halloween staples like bats and skulls inside various mason jars to make globes that look like an unsettling science experiment.

Or, Go All-In on an Adorable Look

So a scary Halloween isn’t your thing. How about a look that’s a little more low key? Opt for a cute Halloween banner that’s complete with smiling pumpkins and friendly ghosts. Phew, no scares there.

Bring Halloween Joy Through Googly Eyes

Living mummies, Frankenstein skulls and outstretched bats: what do all of these Halloween lollipops have in common? They’re sweet and googly-eyed and bring a whole lot of Halloween joy to your candy jar.

A Timely Costume That’ll Take Just Minutes

Need a costume that you can finish up in a few minutes? Grab some face paint and makeup and follow this Ziggy Stardust tutorial. If you have a few more minutes to spare, wear a bodysuit to complete the look.
act hasn’t become a permanent Halloween tradition. Go ahead and try it out — maybe it’s a tradition that’ll stick.

Create a Large Tote That’s Just for Treats

Your trick-or-treat bag was probably never big enough as a kid. How many trips back to the house did you have to make to empty it out before returning to the neighborhood? Now’s the time to make up for it. Make a tote for your treats that can actually carry a large amount of candy — whether those sweets are for you or your child.

Confetti-fy Your Halloween Party

Need something to bring to a Halloween party? Make some monster confetti eggs. There’s something magical about smashing a confetti egg on a friend’s head. So magical, in fact, that it seems strange that this fun and festive