This princess-inspired half updo is elegant and easy to achieve. You don’t need long hair, or even have to be a brunette, to make this style work.

Things You’ll Need

Bobby pins
Hair elastic
Curling iron or wand
Paper towels (or hair donut, sock, roller, etc.)
Yellow ribbon

Step 1: Curling your hair
Start by curling all of your hair. Pay extra attention to the front pieces, and make sure you curl each section all the way to the root.

Step 2: Sectioning your hair
Split your hair into four sections. Let your part separate the two front sections, and then separate the back hair into top and bottom sections. Gather the top section in the back and secure it with an elastic, creating a ponytail.

Step 3: Flipping your ponytail
Above the elastic, create a hole/ open space with your fingers.

Pull your ponytail through the hole from bottom to top, and then lay it down over your hair band.

Step 4: Pinning your hair back
Separate your two front sections into four sections. Pull the very front sections back and pin them on top of the pony.

Next, pull the other sections back to the same spot, covering the bobby pins you used on the very front sections. Don’t pull your hair back extremely tightly. It’s better to let it drape a little.

Step 5: Creating the bun
Lift your ponytail and place a wadded up paper towel (or roller or hair donut) on top of the elastic.

Lay the pony over the paper towel and secure it right below with bobby pins, to create something that resembles a bun.

Step 6: Adding the ribbon
Tie the yellow ribbon around the bun.

Hide the ribbon ends by tucking them under your hair and pinning them. If you can see through your hair layer in the bun, use a comb to even it out and spray it with hairspray.

There you have it: a sweet Disney look.