Denim shorts are a staple in warm weather. You can spice up a pair of basic white denim shorts with an easy dyeing technique. Use this method to add your favorite color scheme to one garment. You can also use this tutorial to dye t-shirts, dresses and jeans.

Things You’ll Need

White denim shorts
Blue and red fabric dye
Shallow plastic bins (2)
Tarp or large plastic garbage bag
Rubber gloves
Step 1
Cover your work space with a tarp or garbage bag. In the first bin, mix the blue powdered dye with water according to the package’s directions. Repeat with the red dye in the second bin. The more powdered dye you add, the darker the colors become.

Step 2
Place the two bins of fabric dye side by side. Lay the left side of the white shorts in the blue dye and the right side in the red.

Step 3
Carefully rotate the shorts to submerge the top or bottom parts into the dye.

Step 4
Rinse the shorts under running water until the water turns clear. Wash in the washing machine for one cycle or according to the package’s directions.

Step 5
Let the shorts dry completely.

Step 6
And they’re ready to wear!