New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating the past year and making resolutions for the year ahead. So what better activity to have at a party than creating chalkboard celebration hats to write your resolutions and wear them proudly? Here are three different options that you can print out and make for your party.

Things You’ll Need

Free printable template
White printer paper
Black card stock or construction paper
Decorative embellishments (tissue paper, glitter, etc.)
Hole punch
String, ribbon or yarn

New Year’s Resolution Fringe Hats

Step 1: Print, Cut and Write Resolutions
Print the cone head template, cut it out with scissors, trace it onto black construction paper or card stock and cut it out.

Have your guests think about and write down their resolutions or inspirations for the coming year onto the hat with chalk.

Step 2: Embellish With Fringe
Cut out long strips of tissue paper about 3-inches wide in a variety of colors. Then, snip along the bottom half of the strips, about every 1/4 inch, to create fringe.

Roll the fringe, fluff the edges, and tape to the inside of the top of the hat.

Step 3: Roll and Tape the Hat
Roll the hat and tape it together, using the tab as an overlapping joint. Your hat is now complete and can be worn proudly!

Mini Countdown Hats

Step 1: Print, Cut and Number the Hats
Print and cut out the mini cone hat template. Trace onto black paper and cut out. Then, either write countdown numbers on the hats with chalk, or cut out numbers from white paper and glue them onto the hats.

Step 2: Decorate With Glitter
Place glue along the bottom rim of the hat and sprinkle with glitter. Shake off the excess glitter into a bin and let dry completely.

Step 3: Fold, Tape and Wear
Fold the mini hats and tape together, using the overlapping joint as reinforcement.

These mini hats would be a fantastic accessory to any table, mantle, or bookshelf. Kids might also have a fun time putting them on stuffed animals or laughing at how small they look atop their heads!

New Year’s Resolution Headbands

Step 1: Print, Cut and Write Resolutions
Print and cut out the headband template, and trace it onto black paper. Then, cut the strips out, and have party guests write down their resolutions with chalk.

Step 2: Punch Holes and Add Ribbon
Once the resolutions are written, punch a hole on each end and attach enough ribbon or string to tie around the hat wearer’s head.

This simple headband is perfect for the minimalist in the group!