This Valentine’s Day, cozy up with a pair of heart-printed socks that you can make right at home. This project uses ordinary self-adhesive paper and a good old pair of scissors to create simple yet fun stencils. The best part? This technique can be adapted for other designs, such as triangles or chevron. And while your new pair of custom socks will be perfect for the February holiday, they’ll be sure to get some love all year round.


Self-adhesive paper (I used Con-Tact Paper)
White printer paper
Access to a printer
Sharp scissors
Fabric paint
Flat foam brush
Heart-print stencil
Note: This tutorial will show you how to make a homemade stencil using self-adhesive paper. However, if you happen to own a heart-shaped punch, you can easily use it to create stencils from small squares of contact paper. If so, skip to Step 10!

Step 1
Download the PDF stencil and print on a sheet of white paper.

Step 2
Cut out one vertical row of hearts.

Step 3
Fold in half down the middle, as precisely as you can. Cut out the first heart.

Step 4
Repeat until you have cut out all of the hearts.

Step 5
Using the marker, trace the hearts onto the back side of the adhesive paper.

Step 6
Cut out the hearts in small square portions.

Step 7
Fold a traced heart in half, right down the middle. Cut out.

Step 8
Unfold to reveal one finished stencil.

Step 9
Repeat with the remaining hearts.

Step 10
Lay one sock on a flat, hard surface. Peel off the paper baking from each stencil and place on the sock.

Optional: Place a piece of scrap paper inside the sock to prevent paint from seeping through.

Step 11
Dab a light layer of fabric paint onto the stencils.

Step 12
Let dry.

Step 13
Carefully peel away the stencils.

Step 14
Set the stencils aside and admire your first row of painted hearts!

Step 15
The stencils are easily re-usable. After I made the first vertical row, I decided to add alternating hearts on each side. Remember, the design is totally up to you!

Step 16
Repeat Steps 10-15 on the other side, and on the second sock. Once dry, your heart-patterned socks will be washable thanks to the fabric paint. Don’t forget that you can use this technique for more than just socks — try it on jeans, T-shirts and bags!