If you’re a garlic lover, you’ll love anti-vampire garlic bites, and they’ll be adequate to scare away even the most persistent vampire. These flaky and delicious little tidbits are perfect to serve with a spaghetti dinner on Halloween night.

Things You’ll Need
Frozen phyllo dough, 1/2 package, thawed
Waxed paper
Damp kitchen towel
3/4 cup melted butter
Several peeled garlic cloves
1/2 cup finely chopped almonds
1 cup of Italian breadcrumbs
Roasting pan with rack

Step 1
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Step 2
Unroll the phyllo dough and place it on a piece of waxed paper. Use a sharp knife to cut the phyllo dough across into 2-inch strips. Put a piece of waxed paper over the top of the phyllo strips, and then cover them with a damp kitchen towel to keep them moist while you work.

Step 3
Lay one strip at a time on a separate piece of waxed paper and brush it with melted butter.

Step 4
Sprinkle a bit of finely chopped almonds on the phyllo strip and put a garlic clove at one end. Roll up the strip of dough, sealing the edges as you go.

Step 5
Brush the anti-vampire bite with a bit of extra butter and roll it in the breadcrumbs. Repeat with the remaining phyllo strips.

Step 6
Place the anti-vampie bites on a rack and put the rack in a roasting pan and bake them until they’re golden brown–20 minutes.

Step 7
Serve the anti-vampire bites hot out of the oven.