This easy no-sew Christmas tree skirt will add a finishing touch to your perfectly trimmed Christmas tree. Inspired by a retro midcentury modern decor, it is a funky and non-traditional must.

Things You’ll Need

1 1/2 yards of felt
Measuring tape
Glue gun

Step 1
Fold your large cut of felt in half and then once more, into quarters. Use a fabric tape measure or a scrap piece of yarn to determine the distance from the center of the tree to the desired edge of the skirt. Be sure to measure with the tree stand in mind. Draw a semicircle from edge to edge for your tree skirt outline. TIP: You can use a piece of yarn or string as a compass to cut a perfect circle by fastening it to the center fold corner with a safety pin, and tracing it’s path with chalk.

Step 2
Carefully cut along the line made while fabric is still folded in quarters. When unfolded it will be a full circle.

Step 3
Unfold your felt to make a half circle. Use a circular object such as a small glass or lid and trace half circles around the edge to give the fabric scallops. Carefully cut scallops out while still folded in half. Do this around all the edges.

Step 4
Trace and cut a straight line from the center of the skirt to the edge. Then, cut a small circle in the very center that will accommodate your tree trunk. Fake trees will need a smaller center opening than a real tree will need.

Step 5
Trace and cut out the felt embellishments that will decorate the skirt. Use a medium and a small lid to trace different sized circles in the various desired colors of felt.

Step 6
Measure and cut out varying lengths of ribbon. Layout and space design before gluing anything down.

Step 7
When the design is satisfactory, work around the circle using the hot glue gun to secure the design in place.

Step 8
Use steps 1 through 5 to make a mini circle with scalloped edge to cover up work at the center of skirt. This gives it a clean finished look.