The best thing about tacos? You can fill them with anything — beef, chicken, pork, fish, even potatoes! This particular taco is stuffed with the spiciest ingredient imaginable… a walking, talking, charming child of your choice. You can’t eat it, of course, but Halloween costumes don’t get much more delectable. Follow these easy steps and, I promise, you won’t even get a stomach ache afterward.

Things You’ll Need

3 yards yellow felt
Disappearing ink pen
Sewing machine or needle and thread
T-shirt that fits the child (preferably in a beige or neutral color)
1/4 yard dark brown cotton gauze
Hot glue gun
1/4 yard apple green felt
1/4 yard lime green felt
1/8 yard red felt
Step 1: Taco Shell
Fold the 3 yards of yellow fabric in half, and then fold the double-layered fabric in half. Using a disappearing ink pen, draw a semicircle along the opposite side of the fold.

Step 2: Cut Out Taco
Cut out the traced semicircle from the folded felt. When opened, this will be a circle comprised of two layers of felt.

Step 3: Sew Taco
Sew a 1/4-inch seam around the whole circle.

Step 4: Cut Out Arm Holes
Wrap the child in the felt circle as though they are putting on a jacket. Before cutting the arm holes, mark where to cut arm holes with the disappearing ink pen.

Step 5: Create the Taco Filling
Add brown gauze to the front of the T-shirt in a crinkly fashion using hot glue. Be strategic about where you apply the glue to ensure the T-shirt doesn’t show.

Step 6: Add More Taco Filling
Add longer pieces of dark brown gauze to the bottom of the T-shirt to make sure the taco costume looks like it’s filled with meat.

Step 7: Add Lettuce and Tomatoes
Cut up green and red felt in non-uniform strips. Then, hot glue them randomly amongst the brown fabric and any visible areas of the T-shirt.

Step 8: Assemble the Costume
Have the child put on the T-shirt and wear the taco shell jacket over it. Your costume is complete!