Eek! It’s the attack of the killer centerpiece! This spider centerpiece made from flowers is inspired by horror movies in which gigantic mutant insects munch on B-list actors. With its big bug eyes and flower-covered body, the spider is actually more adorable than menacing. Display it as a lawn decoration or a table centerpiece. Just don’t try to step on it. It won’t be pretty.

Things You’ll Need

Floral foam
Small plate
Black duct tape
2 protea flowers
8 pussy willows

Step 1: Carve the Floral Foam
In the floral supply section of your local crafts store, you’ll find standard-sized bricks of floral foam that are 3 by 4 by 9 inches. Using a knife, carve the foam into an oval shape, rounding out the edges.

Step 2: Soak the Foam
Place the floral foam in a bucket of water. When the foam turns dark green, you will know that it has absorbed all the water it can. Then put the foam on a small plate.

Step 3: Tape the Foam Down
Tear the duct tape into 1/4-inch strips of about 12 inches in length. Tape the foam to the plate using the duct ape. This way, you can more easily move the spider around after it is completed.

Step 4: Cut the Chrysanthemums
To cover the body of the spider, you will need about three bunches of chrysanthemums. (A typical bunch contains about 25 buds.) I chose a red mum with a yellow-green center because the different colored centers would look like spots — a feature either cute or creepy depending on how you look at it. Cut the flowers, leaving about 1 inch of stem.

Step 5: Insert Flowers
Starting at the top, insert the stems all the way into the floral foam. Overlap the flowers slightly so you do not see any floral foam underneath.

As you go down the floral foam with the flowers, angle the flowers outward so you can see the centers. Keep going until the body is covered with flowers.

Step 6: Prepare the Protea
Protea is a tropical plant with many different varieties. I chose a variety that looked like big eyes, removing the leaves and cutting the stem to about 2 inches. If you can’t find protea in your area, any type of flower that can pass as eyes will work, such as sunflowers and gerber daisies with big centers.

Step 7: Insert the Eyes
Insert the eyes in the front of the spider’s body, moving some of the flowers aside to make room for the stems.

Step 8: Prepare the Pussy Willows
The furry nubs of the pussy willows make the legs even creepier. Cut the ends of the pussy willow so that the length of each one is about 30 inches long. Before bending the legs, wrap a piece of duct tape at the midpoint to reinforce the joint.

Step 9: Bend the Legs
Carefully bend each leg where you wrapped it in duct tape. The tape prevents the legs from actually breaking, even if the branch or pussy willow is brittle.

Step 10: Insert the Legs
Insert four legs on each side of the body, making sure they are secured in the floral foam. They should be angled so that the legs are splayed out, rather than being parallel to each other.

The chrysanthemums and protea are hardy flowers, so this arrangement will last a good week. But don’t throw away the pussy willow, as they don’t wilt; save them to make another floral spider in the future. This Halloween centerpiece will definitely have your friends and family screaming — with delight.