A plate of spaghetti costume is a quirky and fun idea for Halloween. Beginners and experts alike can create this unique costume using basic supplies and crafting skills. To complete your look, have a friend dress up as a fork, a loaf of bread or a chef.

Things You’ll Need

1/2 yard canvas or cotton fabric
Brown towel
Large quilting hoop
Light yellow super bulky yarn (5 ounces)
Pillow stuffing (3-4 ounces)
Needle and thread
Fabric scissors
Foam brush
Red acrylic paint
Hot glue gun and glue

Step 1
Loosen the screw that holds the hoop together. There will be two separate parts: One inner hoop and one outer hoop. The two parts of the quilting hoop will separate when the screw is loosened.

The quilting hoop and fabric will make up your plate.

Step 2
Set aside the larger, outer hoop and place your fabric over the smaller, inner hoop.

Step 3
Re-attach the outer hoop, making sure the fabric is pulled tightly across the diameter of the inner hoop. The fabric should be flat.

Step 4
Secure the fabric in between the hoops by tightening the screw.

Step 5
Flip the hoop over. The “back” of the fabric should be facing you.

Trim the excess fabric around the hoop, leaving about 1 inch all around.

Step 6
Fold the fabric inward and hot glue along the inside of the hoop to create a clean, folded edge.

Step 7
Continue folding and gluing around the hoop until all the fabric is glued down.

Step 8
Cut a horizontal slit across the hoop. This will be the opening that slips around your waist. Because every person’s waist is different, the measurement of this slit will differ from person to person. For best results, cut a slit that is slightly shorter than the width of your waist. Then, try on the fabric hoop, and if necessary, cut more until it fits comfortably around your waist.

Step 9
Starting in the center of the horizontal slit, cut two vertical slits. Use the screws as a guide for the center point. Make each initial slit about 4 inches long. Cut more if necessary.

These cuts will create a diamond-shaped opening, enabling the fabric to sit comfortably around the curves of the body. The opening in the fabric will mold around your body

Step 10
Cut a segment of scrap fabric measuring 4″ x 1″.

Step 11
Hot glue the fabric strip to the center of the vertical slit that is closest to the screws. This strip of fabric will provide support for the suspenders.

Step 12
Cut 6-9 long strands of yarn to create the pasta for your costume. The length of each strand does not matter, but for best results, cut strands at varying lengths

Step 13
Loosely bunch the yarn together.

Step 14
Apply hot glue to a section of the fabric.

Step 15
Place the yarn on the glue. For a more realistic look, let some strands dangle over the edge. If necessary, add more glue in between strands of yarn.

Step 16
Continue gluing yarn to the perimeter of the hoop, working in sections.

Step 17
Cut 5-7 circles from the brown towel. These will be the meatballs of the costume. The circles do not have to be perfect, but you can use a dinner plate as a guide by cutting around it. The size of each circle will depend on how big or small you would like the meatballs to be. For this project, each circle measured 10-12 inches wide.For no-sew meatballs, cover Styrofoam with brown spray paint.

Step 18
Place a handful of pillow stuffing in the middle of the first towel circle.

Step 19
Thread a sewing needle and tie a 4-6 knots. Insert it through the towel circle, about 1/2 inch from the edge and loosely stitch around the circle.

Step 20
Insert the needle back through the circle, about 1 inch away from your starting point. Continue all around the circle.

Step 21
Pull the thread to gather the edge together. This will form a sphere shape.

If necessary, add more pillow stuffing to bulk up the sphere shape.

Step 22
Run the needle and thread back and forth through the gathered edge. Repeat until the sphere’s opening is closed up.

Step 23
Cut away the excess thread and tie a tight double knot to finish one meatball.

Step 24
Repeat until the desired number of spheres, or meatballs, are complete.

Step 25
Hot glue the meatballs to the yarn pasta.

Step 26
Using the foam brush, apply red paint, or the spaghetti sauce, to the meatballs.

Step 27
To wear the plate of spaghetti, attach the front clips of the suspenders to the front two flaps of fabric.

Attach the back clip of the suspenders to the fabric strip.