Hydroculture is a method of growing plants without the use of soil. A subset of hydroculture is hydroponics, which uses mineral nutrients to aid in the growth of plants.

This simple and easy method is suitable for cacti and succulents, however some plants may require an adjustment period. During this time, the plants will develop their water roots, which are different than those produced in soil.

In this method, succulents are usually grown in individual containers with a slatted top so to allow the water to reach the roots, while keeping the plant elevated and away from the water.

For hydroculture, you should only use the fertilizers that are sold for hydroponics and are commonly available at nurseries.

Things You’ll Need

Aluminum sheet
Tin snips or scissors
Clear glass container
Hydroponic nutrient solution

Step 1
Carefully remove the succulent from the soil and shake off any excess dirt.

Step 2
Rinse any remaining soil to ensure the roots are exposed and then set the succulent aside.

Step 3
With a pen or pencil, trace the outline of the opening of the container onto the aluminum sheet.

Step 4
Carefully cut out the shape using scissors or tin snips.

Step 5
Mark the center of your cutout and drill a hole. The hole should be large enough for the stem of the succulent to fit.

Step 6
Make a slit from the hole to the bottom of the piece of aluminum.

Step 7
Gently bend the aluminum upwards.

Step 8
Slip the stem of the succulent into the opening, being careful to not have the aluminum edges pierce through the stem.

Step 9
Place a small amount of distilled water into the container along with a hydroponic nutrient. Please refer to the manufacturer’s suggested amount.

Step 10
Place the aluminum and succulent over the container and display