Heads up! There’s someone watching the candy platter to make sure you take just one. This head on a platter serving tray features the disembodied head of a mummy that is so decrepit, snakes are slithering through its skull. All it takes to make this platter is a styrofoam head, gauze bandages, and the absence of fear.

Things You’ll Need

Gauze bandage roll
Styrofoam head
Tea bags
Hobby knife
Rubber snakes
Hot glue gun
Glue dots

Making a mummy head on a platter

Step 1
Before wrapping the mummy’s head in bandages, we need to stain it. A new roll of gauze from the drug store is very white, and a centuries old mummy would not be so clean. Boil a pot of water and place several tea bags in the water. Unroll the bandage, and let it soak in the tea for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 2
Remove the bandage from the tea and rinse it. To add more stains to the bandage, rub the tea bags directly on random areas. When the bandage dries, the stains will be more subtle, so do not be afraid of adding too much color. Allow the bandage to dry overnight, or place it in a clothes dryer.

Step 3
You can find a styrofoam head at online stores that sell retail display supplies. Starting at the bottom, wrap the bandage around the head, pinning it in the back at various points so that the bandage stays in place. As you go around the head, leave the eye and mouth areas slightly uncovered.

Step 4
In the mouth area, hot glue some almonds for teeth. Select almonds that have some of the skin peeling off, as they look like they are decaying.

Step 5
Using a hobby knife, poke holes in the two eye sockets of the styrofoam head.

Step 6
Cut a rubber snake into two pieces. You can purchase rubber snakes at toy stores or online retailers. Select smaller ones that are about 12 inches in length.

Step 7
Insert the two pieces of the snakes in the holes you created in the eye sockets, with the head in one hole and the tail in the other hole. Use a hot glue gun to reinforce the snake pieces in the holes so they don’t fall out.

Step 8
Place the finished mummy head in the middle of a large platter. Adhere glue dots to the bottom of the head so the mummy does not tip over. That would traumatize everyone in the household.