This delicious raspberry-infused vodka is made with real fruit, giving it a rich and intense fruity taste. It’s so incredibly easy to make too. Just mix, shake, infuse, chill, and serve! It makes for the most perfect holiday drink or unique gift.

Things You’ll Need

1 cup raspberries, fresh or frozen
20.2 ounces (600 millilitres) Vodka, 80% to 100% strength
A sterilized glass jar
Additions (optional): split vanilla bean pod, citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, flavored extracts
Mesh sieve
Decorative jars or bottles

Step 1: Prepare the Raspberries
Gently wash the raspberries then place them into the glass jar.

Step 2: Muddle the Raspberries
Pour a small amount of the vodka over the raspberries in the jar until they are just covered. Use a spoon or butter knife to muddle the berries around in the vodka to break them apart and release their juices.

Step 3: Add the Vodka
Pour over the remaining vodka.

Let the vodka sit to infuse for 3 days at room temperature until it has developed a deep red hue and the berries have become very soft and slightly lost their color.

Step 4: Strain
Use a mesh sieve to strain the vodka away from the fruit and into another glass jar, medium-sized pouring jug or bottles. You can discard the fruit after straining

Step 5: Serve and Store
The raspberry-infused vodka will keep indefinitely. You can store it in the refrigerator or freezer and out of direct sunlight.

It’s best consumed over ice with a dash of water or soda, but it can also be used in your favorite cocktails (caprioskas, mojitos and frozen daiquiris) or desserts (granitas and sorbets) too!