Whether she’s fostering lost drones, piloting the Millennium Falcon, or crossing the galaxy in pursuit of Luke Skywalker, Rey rocks a practical hairstyle that’s fit for a kickass leading lady. If you’re looking to channel this Jakku Jedi-in-the-making, simply arm yourself with a brush, bobby pins and a few elastic hair bands. (No lightsaber required!)

Things You’ll Need

Bristle brush
Bobby pins
Elastic hair bands
Step 1
Before beginning, brush your hair out with a bristle brush. Then, twist and pin back the front part of your hair and use bobby pins to secure in place.

Step 2
Gather one third of your hair to create the first of three buns.

Step 3
Create the first bun with this section of hair, and secure with an elastic hair band. To conceal the hair band, take a section of loose hair, wrap it around the elastic and pin in place with a bobby pin.

Step 4
Tease the side sections of your hair close to the hairline to add volume. Be sure to leave a few strands of hair loose to frame your face and get Rey’s slightly undone look

Step 5
Take half of your remaining hair and sweep it up into a bun, placed directly below the first bun. Conceal the elastic with a strand of loose hair by wrapping it around the hair band and securing with a bobby pin.

Step 6
Take the remaining hair and pull it into the third and final bun. Leave one strand loose and wrap it around the elastic hair band to conceal.

Step 7
Smooth flyaways with a comb and set in place with hairspray.

Now you’re ready to pick up a lightsaber and join the Resistance!