After contouring and strobing, a new makeup trend called “sun stripping” is becoming the coolest new way to wear bronzer. It is very easy to do and results in a realistic bronzed look that anyone can wear beautifully. With just a little bronzer and a brush, you can look like you spent all day at the beach getting the loveliest healthy-looking tan!

Things You’ll Need

Matte bronzer
Blunt face brush, preferably non-round (as shown in photo below)

Sun stripping is meant to mimic a natural tan. It’s that type of sun-kissed look you get when the sun rays hit the high points of your face, mainly on the bridge of your nose and the apples of your cheeks.

Step 1
Apply your foundation and concealer as per your usual routine, and dust a thin layer of powder to set in place.

Step 2
With a blunt, non-round face brush, begin to draw a strip of bronzer from one apple of the cheek to the other passing over the center of the nose.

Step 3
Elongate the bronzer towards the temples.

Step 4
Clean up the brush and blend the edges to soften them and give a more natural look.