Bring a pop art comic book character to life with a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired makeup look. The characters portrayed in Lichtenstein’s artwork are known for having exaggerated facial expressions, being vibrantly colored and having thick outlines and Benday dots making up their faces. In this makeup tutorial, create Lichtenstein’s signature artwork look with black and other brightly colored eye pencils.

Things You’ll Need

Foundation and powder (what you usually use)
Black mascara
Black eyeliner or pencil
Red eyeliner or pencil
White eyeliner or pencil
Royal blue or turquoise eyeliner or pencil
Yellow or bright green eyeliner or pencil
Red lipstick (you can also use the red eye pencil)
Brightly colored 1950s-inspired wig (optional)
Faux eyelashes (optional)

Step 1: Prepare Your Face
Apply foundation and then powder to your face, ears and neck, leaving the area around the eyes untouched.

Step 2: Draw Tears & a Cat Eye
If you want to draw tears under an eye, start with the blue or turquoise eye pencil or liner; you can draw under one eye or both.

With a green or yellow eye pencil or liner, start drawing at the inner corner of your eye. Trace along the upper eyelid crease and extend the liner, drawing a wing passed the outer corner of your eye and connecting it to the beginning of your lower lash line. Fill in the eyelid with the liner and repeat on the other eye.

Step 3: Draw the Benday Dots
To create Benday dots, draw red dots the same size (a little smaller than 1/2 inch wide), as evenly spaced as you can, all over your face and ears. You can also draw the dots onto your neck.

Step 4: Draw in Red Lips
Fill in your lips with a red eye pencil or lipstick.

Step 5: Contour the Face
To complete your comic book makeup look, you will need to contour your face to define the exaggerated facial expressions that the Lichtenstein pop artwork is known for. Use the black eye pencil or liner and trace along your jaw line, cheekbones, and hairline.

Continue contouring by drawing a line down the front and sides of your nose, in the space between your nose and mouth and on your eyebrows, creating an exaggerated frown.

Step 6: Finish Contouring
Outline the color on your eyelids, the tears under your eye(s), and your lips. Add frown lines between the eyebrows and anywhere else you want to show definition.

Step 7: Complete Your Look
Add faux lashes and mascara for more defined eyes. Create highlights on your face by using the white eye pencil or liner and adding it to your lips or the tears to create the effect that light is hitting that area. White pencil tends to blend in with the color you are applying it to, so you will want to wipe off any color you get on the pencil before reapplying to the same area.

To complete the look, wear a 1950s-inspired wig in a bright yellow or other vibrant color, and style an outfit of primary colors (red, yellow, blue), with white polka dots.