Because of the amount of time spent around the table on Thanksgiving, you want your dinner table to stand out as a beautiful attraction of its own. Whether you’re crafty or not, have only a few hours to spare or love to spend time making things, are decorating for a crowd or it’s just you and your partner, you can make your Thanksgiving table stunning.

DIY-ers who love to save a buck can still have elegance personalizing the table — all for $30 or less. The supplies can be found in a hardware store, and some things you may even be able to find at your local dollar store. Best of all, they’re all reusable for next year.

For friends and family who might not know each other well, get conversation started with a creative table topper. Plus it’s a time killer for hungry folks while waiting for the food. If you have some artists at your table, you might even end up with some Thanksgiving masterpieces.

Even the not-super-crafty can add a cute, homey touch to the table without taking much time. If you have older children, you could make this their project — add paint, jewels and other supplies if you’re looking for a craft that will take up some more time during Thanksgiving break.

If you assume edible arrangements are cheesy or overpriced, you might want to think again. You can create a beautiful arrangement from artichokes, cabbages, pomegranates and other seasonal produce. Take a trip to your local farmers market and look around for herbs and vegetables to make your own arrangement that can be repurposed into a healthy fall meal.

Everyone has fond, sometimes crazy memories of what goes down at the kid table during Thanksgiving: It’s the perfect place to test new jokes, whisper about family rumors and of course, plan some pranks for later. Make it a beautiful place for fun projects, and win yourself the title of coolest grown-up in the room.

Nature-inspired watercolor place cards pair beautifully with a seasonal edible arrangement or look gorgeous on their own. You can make your own with watercolors and a fine-tipped marker, or use the free printable if you’re short on time. Don’t be intimidated. Even the artistically challenged can handle making leaves and olives with just a few brushstrokes.

Children usually eat faster than adults, and it can be a struggle to keep them occupied long enough for everyone to finish the turkey. With a little planning ahead, you can whip out a craft basket as soon as the first plate is emptied at the kid table and pat yourself on the back for a genius host move. With any luck, the projects will last all the way til dessert.

Making a gratitude garland can be an ongoing family project for the month of November or just the week of Thanksgiving. It makes a lovely, meaningful centerpiece for your table. The ensuing conversations are a way to talk about what is important to your children. Use it as a mantlepiece next year.

If you have an abundance of logs and want to use them in a creative way or just love the rustic look, wooden place cards add a homey touch to your Thanksgiving table. You can find logs, real or fake, at craft or hardware stores in the fall. The chalk paint and pretty handwriting on the log are a nice juxtaposition of styles and blend well with almost any other decor.

If there’s not much room in your budget for decor, use a checklist to see what you have around your house that can be combined into a beautiful centerpiece. Chances are you have enough right in your home, yard or craft supplies closet to not spend a cent in creating a photo-worthy table.

If you love the idea of using placemats to start conversation about thankfulness but want a different look, you can make your own chalkboard placemats that can be used year after year. The chalkboard look will add a modern touch to your harvest table, and the chalk will keep the guests occupied and entertained for the whole meal.