There’s absolutely nothing better than the clean slate presented by a new year. If you struggled to get dressed in the morning  , staring into an overstuffed closet of things you didn’t want to wear, chances are you could do with taking on a few principles of a minimalist wardrobe — one that focuses on a smaller number of quality pieces that are flexible and adaptable. No more not being able to find anything to wear! Take the time to refresh your wardrobe now and it will set you up for that feeling of unlimited outfits that you love for the rest of the year. Read on for some of our tips.

Clean It Out

A clean slate means a clean wardrobe, so now is the time to invest in purging your closet by understanding what pieces you wear and love and those that you don’t need. I mean, we all have those items in our closet that we hold onto, but never actually wear. Make 2016 the year of your closet working for you instead of the other way around. Be brutal, too. If you haven’t worn it in six months, consider whether you ever will again.

Understand What Suits You

As you are undertaking your closet clear out, make a pile of the things you wear over and over — the things you love to death. The aim is to create a closet full of pieces that are similarly wearable, ones that all go together and create a multitude of outfits. This will be a combination of deciding what suits you and also what you like to wear. Typically, this will reveal the styles, cuts and colors you prefer and should invest in.

Consider Your Color Choices

When it comes to creating a wardrobe that’s full of incredibly wearable pieces, a major factor is buying and organizing your outfits according to the colors that go well together. Choose your base colors (the ones that you wear all the time), such as camel, white, black and navy, and build a wardrobe of basics and essentials around them. We’re not saying you have to avoid other colors, you can add key color updates as you like. Choosing the right colors goes for accessories, too — pick a few that go together and stick to them.

Stock Up On Essentials

A truly functional wardrobe will be stocked with a selection of pieces that help to create the base of many outfits. What exactly these pieces are will come down to your personal style, but basics could include items like the perfect pair of jeans, a trench coat, a handbag that goes with everything and a pair of pumps. A good rule to follow is that an essential piece needs to be able to easily make up 10+ outfits in your closet.

Assess & Shop (Carefully)

Once you’ve cleaned out your closet, take the time to understand which pieces are missing. This is an important step in building a closet that works for you day in and day out, and will help you focus on the gaps. It’s valuable to be informed of what you do and don’t have before you go shopping so you can make smart choices. Try to avoid sales where you might be tempted to buy things you don’t need, unless you can go with a specific item or shopping list in mind. And whenever possible, buy the best quality you can afford.