Transform yourself into an enchanting fairy with dazzling glitter and shimmer eye makeup. If you have fairy wings to wear as apart of a costume, incorporate the colors of the wings into the design. With the variety of vibrant products available, you can get creative with the eyeshadow and eyeliner colors and glitter.

Things You’ll Need

Foundation and powder (what you usually use)
Powder or cream highlighter (optional)
Blending sponge
3-4 shimmery pigmented eyeshadow colors
1-2 glitter cream eyeshadow colors
2-3 vibrant liquid eyeliner colors
Flat back rhinestones and white eyelash glue (optional)
Black mascara
Bronzer or blush (what you usually use)
Faux eyelashes (optional)
Lipstick (to complement the eye makeup)

Step 1: Create a Base
Apply foundation and powder all over your face, ears and neck. If you would like to brighten up the area around and on the eyes before applying eyeshadow and glitter, apply highlighter to that area with a brush or blending sponge. This creates a base that will allow for the eyeshadow colors and glitter to stand out.

Step 2: Apply Eyeshadow
With the blending sponge, apply the lightest eyeshadow color on and around your eyes. Then on a clean part of your blending sponge, apply the darkest shade of eyeshadow you have on the eyes, sweeping the color up to the hairline.

Use a clean blending sponge to blend the lines between the light and dark eyeshadow colors but still keeping the shades distinct from one another. Use the same dark eyeshadow and repeat the application to the other eye and surrounding area, or choose another dark eyeshadow color to apply.

You can also apply eyeshadow between the eyes if you want to create a mask makeup effect.

Step 3: Further Blend Eyeshadow
Use the tip and sides of the blending sponge to blend the various eyeshadow colors where they meet, but keep the colors distinct. Blend with a soft pressing-down motion onto the eyeshadow instead of swiping the eyeshadow.

Step 4: Apply Glitter
With a clean blending sponge, apply the glitter cream shadows on and around the eye area on top of the blended eyeshadow colors. Use as many glitter shadow colors as you see fit to enhance the blended eyeshadow colors, but try to stay within two to three glitter colors.

Step 5: Draw Eyeliner Designs
With a darker liquid eyeliner color, start applying from the inner corner of the eye. Continue drawing the eyeliner along the lash line and extend past the eye with swirl-like designs. Repeat to the other eye. Both symmetrical or asymmetrical swirl designs can work. To highlight the eyeliner designs, use a lighter liquid eyeliner color and draw alongside the already drawn eyeliner designs.

Step 6: Apply Rhinestones
If you choose to apply rhinestones to your eyeliner designs, use small, flat-backed rhinestones and a white eyelash glue, which will dry clear. Take one rhinestone and apply a dab of eyelash glue to the back. Wait 30 seconds before applying the rhinestone to the desired area on your face. Press the rhinestone on your face and hold in place for 30 seconds. Repeat in other areas where you would like to display rhinestones.

Step 7: Apply the Finishing Makeup Touches
Brush on bronzer or blush to your cheekbones and apply black mascara to your eyelashes. If you want fuller looking eyes, apply faux eyelashes. Apply lipstick, and your makeup look is finished.

Step 8: Removal
To remove your fairy makeup at the end of the day, first peel off the rhinestones. Then with makeup remover towelettes, wipe off the eyeliner designs and eyeshadow and finally the face makeup and lipstick. It may take two to three towelettes to fully remove all of the makeup.