All sass, sans sadism, these steamy but stylish 50 Shades of Grey costumes are more parody than precision. And you won’t have to pay a visit to a billionaire’s back-room dungeon to turn heads. No doubt, you’ll be the best-dressed couple on the block come Halloween, whips and all.

Things You’ll Need

A suit jacket (to use as a lapel pattern)
Duct tape
Grey paint chips
White button-down shirt
Black skirt
Black tank top
Black heels
Grey T-shirt
Grey sweatpants
Faux whips and shackles

Create Her Costume

Step 1: Make Lapels out of Duct Tape
Use the lapels on a suit jacket as a pattern to create two lapels out of duct tape. Layer strips of duct tape on both lapels with the sticky side facing up and cut them to mirror the shape of the lapels.

Step 2: Stick Paint Strips to Lapels
Stack some of your paint chips on top of each other and cut them into 1/4-inch strips. Lay the strips across your duct tape lapels in a striped pattern that you find appealing, varying the shades of grey throughout the pattern. Trim away the excess paper on both sides of the lapel.

Step 3: Create a White Collar
Cut the collar off of an old white button-down shirt, trimming it right below the collar band.

Step 4: Layer Paint Chips Onto Skirt
Starting at the bottom of your skirt, overlap whole paint chips in the same direction by 1/4 inch, varying the shades of grey, and then tape them into place. Continue covering the entire front of the skirt with rows of paint chips until you reach the waist.

Create His Costume

Step 1: Make the Necktie
Lay two to three pieces of duct tape together, sticky side up, that measure the length and width of a necktie. Cut several shades of grey paint chips into thin strips and arrange them in a “V” pattern on the tape, starting at the bottom and working up. Trim the excess paper from the sides and trim the bottom of the tie into a “V.”

Step 2: Add a Tie Loop
Use duct tape, sticky side up, to create a loop at the top of the tie to mimic the knot at the top of a regular tie. Cover the loop with strips of grey paint chips.

Step 3: Layer Paint Chips Onto T-Shirt
Starting at the bottom of your T-shirt, layer whole paint chips across the shirt, overlapping them by 1/4 inch in the same direction. Tape the top 1/4 inch of the chips to the T-shirt and continue adding rows of paint strips in this manner. When you reach the top of the T-shirt, cut smaller paint chips to use around the neckline and shoulder area.

Assemble the Costumes

For Her Costume: Put on a black tank top and the paint chip skirt. Tape one end of the lapels into the center of the skirt waistband and the other ends to the backs of the tank top straps. Button the white collar around your neck, cinch the waist with a belt and pair the ensemble with black heels.

For His Costume: Put on a pair of grey sweatpants as well as the paint chip T-shirt. Tape the necktie to the center of the neckline on the T-shirt.

Grab your faux whips and chains and step out in style on Halloween night!