If that favorite father in your life is a camping fanatic, you’ve ventured into the right territory. To keep things budget friendly, you can DIY your gift by making these clever PVC ice packs for his cooler (gotta keep those steaks and beers cold) or these easy-to-make firestarters (trust us, he’s going to be happy he has these come nightfall). Or if you feel like shopping for the perfect pick, no need to trudge through all the options out there. We’ve narrowed it down to 9 need-to-have gifts for him. ‘Cause camping is all about the gear, baby.

1 When Dad’s love for coffee knows no bounds, this rugged French press will brew the perfect pot of morning joe, come mountains, woods or desert, $55.
2 This customizable enamel metal mug will make drinking that morning cup coffee by the campfire complete, $18.
3 A multi-tool is a multi-must, and every camper’s can’t-live-without-it item, $90.
4 Add ambience with a collapsible candle-burning brass lantern that will become a trusty nighttime companion, $38.
5 This Dopp kit made from upcycled tents is ideal for optional hygiene maintenance (What? He’s camping.), $38.
6 Keep water and good vibes flowing with a bright bottle that chills his drink for up to 18 hours, $39.
7 A portable stove always comes in handy. It’s practically a necessity when wanting to heat water fast for that French press, $100.
8 Give him a durable happy hour cocktail shaker system (and four cups). Because it turns 5 o’clock in the forest, too, you know, $34.
9 After the sun goes down, this headlamp will be glued to his head, and he’ll be happy. Very happy, $50.