Put those wedding daydream hours to good use and save money with these DIY styles.
Get the Hottest Look Out There

Though some trends have a one-year expiration date, some are much longer lived. The mermaid bodice, illusion neckline and fun bridal jewelry aren’t going away anytime soon — and for good reason. If you love your curves, rock a mermaid silhouette. Illusion necklines help modest brides cover up without sacrificing style. Find what’s right for you and customize your dress to perfection.

Find an Amazing Dress for Less

Even the thriftiest brides can end up thinking they need to shell out big time for the dress of their dreams — but that’s simply not true. Sample stores and thrift shops are great options, as are off-the-rack gowns from department stores (many come in white or cream). You can even contribute to a good cause by buying a gently used dress from a breast cancer research organization or other charity fundraiser.

Freshen Up Your Groomsmen With DIY Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres can be filed under the “they cost how much?” category in wedding decor, especially after you find out just how simple they are to make. With some basic craft supplies (hot glue gun, floral tape, floral wire, pliers, ribbon) and your foliage of choice, you can create beautiful boutonnieres for any groomsmen’s ensemble. Do a test run in the weeks leading up to the wedding to see when you should make them.

Add Some Spunk With a Fun Mani

Manicures have become a must-have feature. Show off your style on your wedding day where it will be noticed for years to come in photos. Go classic but fun with a nude geometric mani, or incorporate your wedding colors with a matching gel manicure. Your nails could even be your “something blue!”

Complete Your Look With Lovely Locks

Many brides opt for a relaxed, “undone” hairstyle, which can be easily achieved with many beautiful looks. You can do hair down, hair up or a combination of the two. Schedule a few trial days so you can practice the style and wear it for a few hours to see if you like how it lasts. If you plan ahead, you could even get professionally installed hair extensions to add length and volume for a perfect hair day.

Perfectly Place the Boutonnieres

Chances are that you’ve been a part of a wedding where no one really knew exactly how to pin the boutonnieres, and the men were left at the mercy of whoever had the steadiest hands. Don’t let that be your groomsmen. With your help, there won’t be any runaway boutonnieres before pictures are over.

Hand-Make Wrist Corsages With Love

Traditionally given to the mothers and grandmothers of the couple, corsages may now be given to any important figure you wish to recognize and thank on your wedding day. Aunts, godmothers, sisters-in-law and stepsisters can all wear wrist corsages as a symbol of how important they are to you on your big day. Even better, you can make these accessories yourself. If you are not getting married but know someone who is, offering to make these for the bride’s women of choice is a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Have a Hairdo for Every Wedding Event

Getting married or being in a wedding requires looking photo-ready for many occasions, which can mean many hairstyles. Luckily, super polished and formal hair is not necessary for all of these events, and you can definitely get away with a fun DIY style. If you’re sick of wearing your long hair down with soft curls, use one of these beautiful alternatives. Practice doing your hair, and try on the dress you’re wearing with the hairstyle to make sure you like how they look together.

Craft a Special Surprise for Your Groom

The garter toss is a time-honored wedding tradition, which means many retailers sell them for way more than you’d expect for a small piece of lace that’s worn for a only few hours. With some basic sewing skills you can create your own beautiful and sexy garter for the big toss. Best of all, you can customize the color and embellishments to match your wedding and taste. This craft could also be a bridal shower gift.

Sew a Sash to Add Some Sparkle

If you are looking for a certain something to jazz up your dress, add a sash. It provides visual interest and glamour and accentuates the natural waist — and you can make it yourself. Go for a bold color with lots of sparkle or try a more subtle color such as champagne, with just a small applique; it’s up to you. A sash can also give your dress a different look for the reception. Tie it on before you make your big entrance as husband and wife for an easy, glamorous party accessory.