When it comes to DIY jewelry, combining different materials is an awesome way to create texture and dimension. It’s also the perfect chance to use miscellaneous remnants from past projects. To get you started, check out this necklace tutorial inspired by a $125 Aurélie Bidermann piece. For under $15, you can create a version that is all your own.

Things You’ll Need

Leather cord
Embroidery thread (1–3 colors)
Strong craft glue
Double horn bone crescent pendant
Jewelry clasp
Jump rings (4)
Crimp cord ends (2)
Jewelry pliers

Step 1
Cut long strands of embroidery thread measuring 15 inches each. Use one strand per color.

Step 2
Glue the thread to the crescent. The thread should be placed in the center of the crescent, about 2 inches from the end of the thread.

Step 3
Tie the thre
ad into a tight double knot.

Step 4
Wrap the thread a few times around the crescent. Apply a dot of glue every now and then; this will add extra security.

Step 5
Continue wrapping the thread in the opposite direction. Make sure there is an equal amount of thread dispersed across the crescent.

Step 6
Bring the remaining thread toward the first 2 extra inches from Step 3. Tie a tight double knot.

Step 7
Using the jewelry pliers, bend open the ends of one jump ring.

Step 8
Insert the jump ring in between the strands of thread. Bend the ends of the jump ring toward each other to close.

Step 9
Attach a second jump ring to the first one.

Step 10
Cut the excess thread.

Step 11
Cut a strand of leather cord measuring 12–18 inches. This length of this cord will determine the final length of your necklace.

Cut another set of embroidery thread strands. Each thread strand should measure at least 20 inches.

Step 12
Tie the thread around the cord, a few inches from the center point of the cord.

Step 13
Wrap the thread tightly around the cord.

Step 14
Continue wrapping tightly around the cord, adding glue every now and then. Tie the ends and cut away the excess thread.

Step 15
Add the thread-wrapped crescent to the thread-wrapped leather cord.

Step 16
Glue the ends of the leather cord into the crimp cord ends.

Step 17
Using the flat portion of the pliers, squeeze the cord ends to secure.

Step 18
At one end of the cord, attach a jump ring and jewelry clasp to the cord end. At the other end, attach a jump ring.

Step 19
To add extra security, you can apply clear nail polish to each knot.

Once the polish dries, your new necklace is ready to go!

Looking for ways to customize this project? Try adding a small charm on top of the horn pendant. Incorporate metallic thread for a sparkling touch. You can even add beads to the thread as you wrap the leather cord.

This piece is an awesome way to mix and match materials in an off-beat way. It’s also excellent for adding a summery bohemian touch to your favorite look.