Every kid likes to play, but not every kid is thrilled about eating healthy and nutritious foods. This Thanksgiving, make your kids smile by mixing playtime and snack time with this edible DIY. Not only will it promote healthy eating habits, but your kids will love putting them together, too.

Things You’ll Need

Whole wheat tortilla
Whole wheat bread (sliced)
Carrots (cut in sticks)
Extra carrot piece (flat)
Celery (cut in sticks )
Yellow cheese (sliced)
White cheese (sliced)
Turkey breast (sliced)
Hard boiled egg (optional)
Assorted cookie cutters
Pairing knife
Cutting board
Step 1: Cut Out All The Body Parts

Gather your ingredients and prepare an assembly line. Cut all the body parts of the turkey as follows:

Body: use a round object – like a cup or cookie cutter- to cut out two circles. Cut a big circle out of a tortilla and a small circle out of a slice of wheat bread.
Chest: use a tulip-flower-shaped cookie cutter to cut 1 flower out of a slice of turkey breast.
Feathers: use a tulip-flower-shaped cookie cutter to cut 3 pieces out of yellow cheese slices. Slice carrots and celery down the middle so they look like sticks.
Wings: use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut 2 hearts out of white cheese slices.
Eyes: use 2 blueberries. You can also cut hard boiled eggs in half (transversally) for larger eyes.
Legs: make simple straight cuts on a flat piece of carrot with a pairing knife.
Beak: cut a small triangle with a pairing knife,
Wattle: cut a small strawberry wedge with a pairing knife
Extras: cut extra pieces of strawberries for extra decoration.
Step 2: Assemble the Background
On a flat plate, place the cheese flowers (feathers) towards the top edge of the plate. Slightly overlap the tortilla circle on top of the bottom of the cheese. Place the turkey breast flower upside down, on top of the tortilla.

Step 3: Arrange the Feathers
Arrange the carrot and celery sticks on top of the cheese, creating a half moon or fan shape.

Step 4: Place the Head and the Wings
Center the small circle of bread on the top edge of the big circle, slightly covering the middle carrot and celery sticks. Place the cheese hearts on the side of the tortilla, one on each side of the turkey’s body to resemble wings.

Step 5: Decorate the Face and Add the Feet
Decorate the face by placing the blueberries (eyes) on the top edge of the small bread circle. Place the small carrot triangle (beak) with the point pointing sideway and a strawberry sliver (wattle) in a vertical position. Tuck the feet slightly under the large tortilla circle and decorate the chest and the wings with strawberry slivers.