Making your own taco seasoning mix is a simple and unique gift. Mix a big batch for friends or co-workers, or any gift exchange. Free of fillers, MSG and extra preservatives, you’ll also be able to customize your taco mix for salt and spiciness, giving it your own personal touch.

This recipe makes enough taco seasoning to fill three 6-ounce mason jars, with a little leftover for you to enjoy on your own taco night.

Things You’ll Need

1 cup chili powder
4 tablespoons garlic powder
4 tablespoons onion powder
5 tablespoons oregano
1/2 cup paprika
2/3 cup cumin
3 tablespoons salt
4 tablespoons finely ground pepper
2 teaspoons red pepper flakes (optional)
6-ounce mason jars, (3)
Labels (optional)
Gift wrap & string (optional)

Step 1: Measure Ingredients
In a large mixing bowl, combine all spices.

Step 2: Stir to Combine
Use a spatula or wooden spoon and stir until thoroughly mixed with no lumps.

Step 3: Fill Jars
Fill jars, leaving about 1/2 inch of space at the top. Affix lids.

Step 4: Add Labels
Write out your taco seasoning mix information, or use your printer’s label setting. Include instructions: combine cooked meat with 1/4 cup mix + 1/2 cup water and simmer.

Step 5: Wrap It Up!
Pictured here is a simple piece of tissue paper wrapped with twine but the options are endless.

Store any extra in an airtight container.