Instead of splurging on a fancy corsage, try making a DIY version customized to fit your style and taste.

Things You’ll Need

Fabric Fabric scissors Rhinestone or flat-back gem Beads Stretch string Hot glue gun *Measuring tape

Step 1
Cut a segment of fabric measuring 16 inches by 2 inches.

Step 2
Cut a scalloped edge across the long side of the fabric. You can cut freehand, like this version, or create a guide by drawing a scalloped pattern on the fabric first.

Step 3
Add a dot of glue to the bottom corner of the first “petal.”

Step 4
Fold the next petal in half and onto the hot glue.

Step 5
Add a dot of hot glue to the bottom of the folded petal.

Step 6
Repeat Steps 3 to 5, fanning out the petals as you glue each one in place, until the entire row has been folded and glued.

Step 7
Cut a segment of fabric measuring 1 1/4 inch by 1/2 inch.

Step 8
Glue the top and bottom of this piece to the back of the flower to create a loop.

Step 9
Glue the rhinestone to the center of the flower.

Step 10
Cut a strand of stretch string measuring 1 1/2 times your wrist measurement. Use a bit more string than you think you need to make it easier to tie a knot later.

Step 11
Add beads to the stretch string.

Step 12
Slide the beaded string through the fabric loop.

Step 13
Tie the ends of the stretch string together and cut away the excess.