When it comes to jewelry, there’s nothing like a pair of eye-catching ear candy to amp up an ensemble. Luckily, creating your own statement earrings isn’t expensive (or rocket science). This tutorial, inspired by an $88 pair of earrings at Anthropologie, is extremely beginner-friendly, and it will also only set you back $10–15. To top it all off, you’ll get some awesome practice using traditional jewelry-making tools and techniques. What’s not to love?

Things You’ll Need

Clear seed beads
Crystal beads (variety of shapes, sizes, and colors)
Earring hooks (2)
Crimp beads (4)
Beading wire
Jewelry pliers

Step 1
Cut a strand of wire measuring at least 8 inches long. Slide on one crimp bead followed by an earring hook. Position both components 1/2 inch from the end of the wire.

Step 2
Take the end of the wire and insert it through the crimp bead. Move up the crimp bead until it is under the earring hook.

Step 3
Place the crimp bead between the flat portion of the pliers. Squeeze tightly.

Do not trim the loose end. This excess wire is an essential part of the next step.

Step 4
Add your desired sequence of beads.

Remember that excess wire? Insert this end into the first few beads along with the main strand of wire. This will add extra security to the structure of the earring.
Step 5
Continue adding beads. Choose a bead to use as the focal point. Larger beads work best for this.

Step 6
Once you add a focal bead, repeat the pattern in the opposite order. End with another crimp bead, but don’t use your pliers to flatten it just yet!

Step 7
Insert the end of the wire through the loop of the earring hook. You will see the teardrop shape start to form.

Step 8
Bring the end of the wire through the last crimp bead you just added. Insert it through a few beads as well.

Step 9
Place the crimp bead between the flat portion of the pliers and squeeze tightly to close.

Step 10
Trim the excess wire to complete one teardrop earring.

Step 11
Repeat to create a second earring. You can use the first earring as a reference for the sequence of beads.

Your new baubles are ready to rock n’ roll! These earrings are excellent for dressing up even the simplest of outfits. They’re also extremely easy to bring from day to night.