Spicing up plain and basic accessories doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It’s all about easy techniques like this one that can transform an item. Inspired by a $215 version at Anthropologie, this project is ideal for the creative lady looking for a simple project with major impact. It’s so easy that even beginner crafters can take this one on. The best part is that it costs no more than $10–15 to make!

Things You’ll Need

Foam paintbrush
Bristled flat paintbrush
Round tip paintbrush
Canvas pouch
Acrylic paint (at least three colors and black)

Step 1
Using a dry foam paintbrush, apply the first color of acrylic paint along the top of the clutch. Create short downward strokes across the clutch, stopping just past halfway.

Step 2
Apply two lines of the second color along the bottom. The first line can be created by dragging the tip of the foam paintbrush across the clutch. The second can be made by creating short diagonal brushstrokes.

Step 3
Using the bristled flat paintbrush, apply the third color. Create a criss-cross of two thick lines on the right-hand side.

Step 4
To complete your artsy pouch, apply splotches of black acrylic paint with the round tip paintbrush. Don’t think too much about placement and size; keep it random and organic. The black paint should look like ink blots spontaneously dropped onto the clutch.

Step 5
Leave the clutch to dry completely.

Once the paint has completely dried, your new canvas pouch is ready to take out on the town. You can easily use it as a clutch to store your everyday essentials. Other ideas include storing electronic devices such as tablets or electronic readers. It’s also perfect for separating items in a backpack or suitcase. Regardless of how you use it, this artsy number is stylish and functional.