Want a dessert that’s out of this world? You’ll love these simple and delicious cake pops. Coated in the most intricate and glitter-filled galaxy design, these pops are made of dark chocolate cake mixed with a rich ganache, and then covered in an all white chocolate galaxy glaze. They are so much fun and look so impressive. Perfect for a space-themed birthday party or celebration, don’t you think?

Things You’ll Need

14 ounce (400 gram) chocolate cake (can be pre-purchased or homemade), (1)
3.5 ounces (100 grams) dark chocolate, finely chopped
2.6 ounces (75 grams) heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla bean extract
1 teaspoon coffee granules brewed in 3 teaspoons of boiling water (optional)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
17.6 ounces (500 grams) white chocolate, finely chopped
For decoration: red and blue food coloring, cake pop sticks of wooden skewers, edible glitter or sprinkles (optional)

Step 1: Prepare the Cake Balls
In a large mixing bowl, break up the cake that you are using with either a fork or your hands until it forms into a fine crumbled texture.

Step 2: Make the Chocolate Ganache
Place the finely chopped dark chocolate in a medium sized mixing bowl. Set aside.

Place the heavy cream in a medium sized saucepan set over medium-low heat. Heat, stirring occasionally, until the cream reaches a light rolling boil. Remove the saucepan from the heat and pour the cream all over the chocolate. Let it sit for 1 minute to acclimatize then begin to gently stir with a rubber spatula until the chocolate ganache is smooth and shiny. Stir in the vanilla bean extract, brewed coffee and salt.

Step 3: Mix Together
Pour the chocolate ganache all over the bowl with the crumbled chocolate cake. Use your hands or a wooden spoon to incorporate the mixture together until it’s evenly combined and is beginning to form into a moist ball that holds its shape.

Step 4: Shape the Cake Balls
Roll the mixture into 2 tablespoon sized small cake balls. Place them on a lined baking tray and set them aside whilst you prepare the glaze. You should get about 9 to 10 cake balls out of the mixture.

Step 5: Make the White Galaxy Chocolate Glaze
Place the white chocolate in a medium sized deep heat-proof bowl set over a saucepan of barely simmering water on low heat. Do not let the base of the bowl touch the water. Make sure to stir occasionally with a rubber spatula until smooth. Once melted, set aside 1/4 of the melted white chocolate in a small bowl.

Next, begin to color the melted white chocolate. Place about 6 drops of blue food coloring and 4 drops of red food coloring into the bowl with the largest amount of white chocolate. Then, using a wooden skewer or small knife, drag the coloring back and forth in one direction, making sure to create a swirled marbled effect with streaks of color rather than mixing it all together. Pour in the remaining 1/4 of the melted white chocolate and swirl to form a galaxy pattern.

Step 6: Dip the Cake Balls
Insert a wooden skewer into the base of a cake ball and dip it into the glaze. Swirl the cake ball around to create the perfect galaxy effect. Tap off any excess and return the cake ball to the baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining cake balls.

When all the cake balls have been glazed, you can now sprinkle over some edible glitter or sprinkles, if using. Set the baking tray in the refrigerator to harden the galaxy coating, about 15 minutes.

Step 7: Serve
When you are ready to serve the cake balls, remove the tray from the refrigerator. At this point, you can serve the galaxy cake balls as they are or insert cake pop sticks or wooden skewers into their bases.

They are best served within 3 days of making.

Store them in the refrigerator sealed in an airtight container. Bring them to just above room temperature before serving.